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Week 1: Deep-sea Research Assets

Week 1 class plan on deep-sea research assets and capabilities around the world

Published onMar 07, 2022
Week 1: Deep-sea Research Assets

8 March 2022


Let’s dive in! We will give an overview of the tools of the trade: deep-sea research assets, such as vessels and deep submergence vehicles. We will also cover capacity gaps around the world, in particular what kinds of technological capacity exists (or not) in different regions. During class, Fellows will pair up to investigate the capabilities and availability of assets, and discuss their findings with the class. We will end with a discussion on relationship building within the oceanographic community to facilitate access to seagoing assets.


  • Overview of deep sea exploration & research tools, including all deep sea dives, cost, availability, procurement, etc.

  • Introduction to the Global Deep Sea Capacity Assessment

  • Explore how to access deep-sea assets from different countries and institutions

  • Discuss importance of relationship building in finding seagoing opportunities

Pre-Class Activities

  • We’ve assigned teams to start researching assets around the world and how to secure shiptime/assets on the following countries/organizations. You will have in-class time to work on this, but any prep work you can do ahead of time will be useful.

  • Reach out to your partner and click on your names for guidelines on key information you should seek:

Class Plan & Materials

  • Hour 1

  • Hour 2

    • 20 min: 6x2-person team breakouts to discuss & make pub of assets

      • See team assignments above and link to all Week 1 Class Projects

      • Bring any materials/links that you found about your countries/organizations/assets with you to work on filling out the pub

    • 15 min: Reconvene & report-out by each group (6x2 min)

    • 20 min: Discussion (all)

    • 5 min: Discuss assignment for Week 2: Proposals & Funding (all)

Additional Resources

  • Refine and post your findings into the Week 1 Class Projects

  • Add any new assets that interest you as the course progresses


Deep-Sea Research Assets

Global Deep-Sea Capacity Assessment Preliminary Results


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