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Week 3: Respectful Concept Development

Week 3 class plan on developing respectful processes for projects and opportunities

Published onMar 19, 2022
Week 3: Respectful Concept Development

22 March 2022


This week, we will be focusing on Respectful Concept Development. We will hear from panelists that will discuss intentionality in selecting cohorts for program opportunities, supporting marginalized people at sea, and collaborative technology transfer and deep sea project planning in developing states.


  • How to build relationships with diverse stakeholders that might be interested in research, and how to engage in equitable co-creation of knowledge before developing proposals

  • Best practices for recruiting and promoting diverse and inclusive teams

  • Acknowledge the history of discrimination in deep-sea science

  • Unlearning parachute science approaches, with case studies in Trinidad & Tobago and Kiribati

Pre-Class Readings

  • Amon, D.J., Z. Filander, L. Harris, H. Harden-Davies, 2022. Safe working environments are key to improving inclusion in open-ocean, deep-ocean, and high-seas science. Marine Policy.

  • Wang, L., C. Adams, R. Quadara, C. Machado, C. Roriguez, K. Suhre, A. Fundis, A. Elmore. 2022. Suggestions for Broadening Inclusivity at Sea. Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. See poster below.

  • Amon, Rotjan, et al. In Press. My Deep Sea, My Backyard: A Pilot Study to Build Capacity for Global Deep-Ocean Exploration and Research. Phil. Trans. of the Royal Society B. Download pdf proof below:

Wang, et al., 2022. Suggestions for Broadening Inclusivity at Sea.

Class Plan & Materials

  • 5 min: Welcome & Check-in

  • 10 min: Catalina Martinez: Common barriers to entry, persistence, advancement, and success for marginalized and minoritized scholars in STEM

  • 20 min: Discussion

  • 10 min: Lu Wang: Supporting marginalized team members at sea

  • 20 min Discussion

  • 5-10 min: Break

  • 10 min: Randi Rotjan & Katy Croff Bell: Capacity Development & Technology transfer case studies: Trinidad & Tobago, Kiribati

  • 30 min: Discussion

  • 5 min: Plans for Week 4

Additional Resources

Class Slides


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