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Week 4: Pre-Cruise Planning

Week 4 class plan on pre-cruise preparation and planning

Published onMar 22, 2022
Week 4: Pre-Cruise Planning

29 March 2022


Being a chief/lead scientist is a big responsibility, but it is made easier by planning ahead and breaking up tasks and deadlines into smaller and more manageable goals. In this lesson, we discuss and work on activities that should help you to think through the steps needed to prepare for an expedition as the lead scientist, divide responsibilities among the research team, and get cruise participants to think ahead about how they can get ready for a successful and enjoyable experience at sea. Also provided are example documents you can use as templates and guides.


  • Understand how to assess and prioritize the science needs of the expedition team, to communicate these needs with vessel operators

  • Understand what a Shiptime/Marine Equipment Request form might look like.

  • Understand what to consider when working in various ports re: permitting & logistics

  • Understand what types of content are helpful to have in a Cruise Prospectus

  • Understand that a primary role of the Lead Scientist is to set the expectations, preparedness, safety, civility and respect.

Pre-Class Activities

  • Watch this video (20 min) about how to plan an extreme overland adventure expedition. While it is not about the deep sea, it covers similar planning themes, and will hopefully help you think outside the box and frame your mental approach to the task of planning a deep-sea expedition. 

  • Work on Objective 2 of your Dream Cruise

Class Plan & Materials

  • Hour 1

    • 15 min: All Group Activity: Everyone takes 1 minute to think about the 5 things you wish you had brought on your last cruise. We will each share one of those things with each other and have a short discussion about the importance of planning. 

    • 30 min: Lecture 

    • 10 min: All group activity - Beth demos the Marine Facilities Portal for Ship/Marine Equipment Requests, shows the different sections of a request

    • 5 min: Break

  • Hour 2

    • 30 min: Lecture

    • 10 min: All group activity - review example resources 

    • 10 min: Discussion: What have you seen at sea that you didn’t think was safe?

    • 5 min: Open questions

    • 5 min: Wrap up, prep for next week

Additional Resources

Class Recording & Slides


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