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Week 5: At-Sea Operations

Week 5 class plan on at-sea operations

Published onMar 29, 2022
Week 5: At-Sea Operations

5 April 2022


Building on the foundation of Week 4, where you learned about the things a Chief Scientist does to get ready for a cruise, this week will focus on the activities that a Chief Scientist leads (or delegates!) while at sea. We will review the creation of plan-of-the-day, dive plans and associated documents, daily logs and situation reports, dive reports, sample logs, video and photo archives, and cruise reports. We will discuss how to prepare your team for the various tasks that need to happen pre-, during-, and post-dive or operation, and how to help your team succeed in team work while maintaining physical, mental and emotional health. We will also review things to think about for mobilization and demobilization.


  • Understand what kinds of planning and documentation needs to be prepared during a cruise (plan-of-the-day, dive plans, reports, etc.)

  • Understand how to prepare a plan that considers the time required for mapping, transit, ROV operations, etc.

  • Understand how to approach assigning shifts

  • Understand how to set the tone for maintaining good team relations and health.

Pre-Class Activities

Video 14 - Preparing ROV SuBastian for a Dive
Beyond the Wow: Anatomy of a Dive
ROV Pilot Career Profile | Nautilus Live
A scientist's role during a ROV dive
Recovery of the ROV Jason
How to launch and recover an AUV

TechKnow - Deep sea gold rush [23 minutes - optional]

Class Plan & Materials

  • Hour 1 

    • 10 min: All Group Q&A discussion: What was something new that you learned from watching the videos?

    • 30 min: Lecture Part 1: Mobilization, Planning, & Dives

    • 5 min: All Group Activity - review Jason Virtual Van

    • 10 min: Q&A on part 1 topics

    • 5 min: Break

  • Hour 2

    • 30 min: Lecture Part 2: Reports, Demobilization, Contingencies, & Morale

    • 25 min: Open discussion/Q&A

    • 5 min: Wrap up, prep for next week

Additional Resources

Class Slides


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