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Week 7: Unwritten Rules of Deep-Sea Science

Published onApr 12, 2022
Week 7: Unwritten Rules of Deep-Sea Science

19 Apr 2022


In this class, we will think about some of the “unwritten rules” of deep sea science, which are very different than other areas of ocean science that may be shore-based, field-station based, are less exploratory, or require less collaboration by nature.


  • At-sea: To get an operational view of the on-ship “rules of the road”: Chain of command, how to participate as a Chief Scientist of guest scientist on a ship, how to respectfully operate and integrate with the ship operations

  • Discovery: To discuss the protocol, convention, and guidance for naming new seamounts, features, sites, and species.

  • Collaboration: To discuss some of the hard points about collaboration in deep-sea science regarding authorship, fundraising responsibilities, and collaboration expectations

Pre-Class Activities

Class Plan & Materials

  • Hour 1

    • 2:00-2:15 Ship’s Captain to discuss Chain of Command onboard and how to interact with the ship’s operations as a member of the science party / science lead (Speaker: Allan Doyle, Falkor).

    • 2:15-2:30: Q&A

    • 2:30-2:45 Life on a ship: how to be respectful of crew time, meal time, someone is always sleeping, safety rules, etc (NOAA Expedition Coordinator Kasey Cantwell).

    • 2:45-3:00: Q&A

    • 5-10 min: Break

  • Hour 2

    • 3:05-3:20: Seamount mapping, discovery, and naming rules for sites, seamounts, and species– presentation, Q&A (Randi Rotjan)

    • 3:25-3:40: Scientist-to-scientist collaborative understandings in the deep sea: data sharing etiquette, publication authorship etiquette, funding etiquette. Morale tips and tricks. (Randi & Jim McManus)

    • 3:40-3:55: Q&A

    • 3:55-4:00: Wrap up, questions, prep for next week

Additional Resources


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