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Week 9: Data Management Plan to Cruise Report

Week 9 Class Plan on creating pre-cruise data management plans and post-cruise reporting

Published onApr 26, 2022
Week 9: Data Management Plan to Cruise Report

3 May 2022


This class will explore the ins and outs of data management plans and cruise reports. We will go over the necessary components, show a range of styles, and provide the opportunity for you to start scaffolding your Data Management Plan (DMP) / Cruise Report outline for your Dream Cruise.


  • Learn about data management plan (DMP) goals, components, and formats for metadata, digital data, sample data, and engineering plans. Describe data storage challenges and strategies.

  • Create a data management plan for your Dream Cruise proposal

  • Learn about goals for cruise reports, components, and formats

  • Create a cruise report outline for your Dream Cruise

  • Revise your data management plan for your Dream Cruise with your cruise report goals in mind.

Pre-Class Activities

  • Register for DMP Tool

  • Read: Data Management Plan, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, Pennsylvania State University

  • Browse: Ocean DMPs provided as Additional Resources below and published here

  • Finish preparing the list of data for your Dream Cruise

Class Plan & Materials

  • Hour 1. Data Management

    • 2:00-2:05: Check-in

    • 2:05-2:15: Intro to a Data Management Plan (AF)

      • What is it, why do you need it, what information should be included?  

    • 2:15-2:40: Breakouts

      • Draft a data management plan for your Dream Cruise proposal, work in breakouts of 3, could use DMP Tool (or other) to organize, put results into template on PubPub

      • Breakout Group A: Cambronero, Murdock, Roa-Varon

      • Breakout Group B: Leonard, Van Audenhaege, Shomberg

      • Breakout Group C: Seabrook, Bigham, Paula

      • Breakout Group D: Paula, Cordier, Goode, Ponsoni

    • 2:40-3:00: Continue discussion about data

      • Data storage options and accessibility options (RR)

      • Organizing files and file naming (AF)

      • Innovation & Engineering (RR)

      • Organizing samples and sample naming (RR)

  • 3:00-3:05: Break

  • Hour 2: Cruise Reports

    • 3:05-3:20: Overview of different types of cruise reports

    • 3:20-3:45: Breakout Activity (same breakout groups)

      • Now that you have seen what needs to be produced at the end, re-visit your data management plan.

      • What do you need to revise? Add? Delete? Think through?

    • 3:45-3:55: Return and Discuss

    • 3:55-4:00: Wrap up

Additional Resources

Class Slides


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