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Week 12: Team Science

Published onMay 18, 2022
Week 12: Team Science

24 May 2022


This week we will focus on Inclusive Team Science. We will hear from guest speaker Dr. Barbara Endemaño Walker, lead investigator of the Center for Research, Excellence, and Diversity in Team Science (CREDITS) at the University of Santa Barbara. She will describe the social science research on high performing teams and provide practical steps you can take to lead and participate in effective collaborations.


  • Understand benefits and challenges of participating in diverse and inclusive science teams

  • Learn practical strategies for participating in and leading diverse science teams

Pre-Class Activities

Class Plan

  • 10 min: Welcome and Introductions

  • 10 min: Team Science overview

  • 25 min: Team Practicum (breakout groups)

  • 10 min: Practicum debrief

  • 10 min: Break

  • 15 min: Promise and challenges of diversity on teams

  • 20 min: Practical actions and case study

  • 10 min: Self and team assessment tools

  • 10 min: Questions

Additional Resources


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