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Week 13: On the Horizon

Published onMay 24, 2022
Week 13: On the Horizon

31 May 2022


Wrap-up the Inaugural COBRA Deep-sea Master Class. A chance to present to each other, give feedback, discuss preparing the open access manual, and share ideas for future engagement as a cohort and with COBRA. 


  • Share Master Class learnings with each other and celebrate.

  • Give feedback on the Master Class.

  • Discuss ways to sustain engagement after the Master Class ends, and what happens next with preparing a “manual” with the Master Class lessons.

Pre-Class Activities

  • Prepare 3-slide / 3 minute overview about your Dream Cruise or prepare a presentation on any aspect of the class that you want (something that surprised you, something you thought was really important, etc.)

  • Come prepared to share feedback about how you think the Master Class went, and your readiness to lead a deep-sea research expedition.

Class Plan

  • 80 min: 3 minute presentations by each Fellow, each followed by 2-min Q&A

  • 5 min: Break

  • 30 min: Open discussion about the following questions:

    • What worked well and what could we have done better?

    • How would COBRA Fellows like for COBRA to support sustained engagement after the Master Class? 

  • 5 min: Farewells


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